Tuesday, January 1, 2013

All Things Halloween 2012

Boy, we sure know how to squeeze as much as we can possibly squeeze into the end of October!!! Here are the highlights of all of our Halloween celebrating!

our front door monster--found in the blog world, of course!
who knew duct tape and streamers could be so cute???

the fall festival at our church is one of the things we look forward to every year!
it sure was windy--lucas is holding onto his hat for dear life!

right at the church entrance was parked a huge firetruck, and some very friendly firemen let the boys climb inside and put on some gear!  how fun!

look at these two handsome firemen!

er, i mean, two goofy firemen!!!  ;)

the boys loved trying out all the games
here, anthony is rolling a huge ball trying to land it in the center of a parachute

yay!  we love it when we run into our friends!
anthony and lucas are posing with taylor and hudson (aka spidergirl and spiderman)
don't they all look thrilled!?!  haha!

lucas plays darts with magnets

however, just like last year, the highlight of the night is this large area where they have all the shaped mats out

anthony was hard at work building a city

he was completely undaunted as the other kids climbed all over his stuff and knocked it down in parts.  he just kept at his work building it back up!

lucas was a willing helper for part of the time; then he left to go do his own thing

great balancing, lucas!

my snuggle bunny is getting a little tired!  time to go home...what a fun night!

instead of carving our pumpkins this year, we used the little kit that nonna sent us and made mr. potato head-like faces on the fronts of them!  

the boys LOVED it, and it was much cleaner and faster than our usual carving routine!

trying to smile like their pumpkins!

all cozy with a fire in the fireplace!

and here's the finished product--
now our big door monster has some little pumpkin monster company!
we got so many compliments on these little pumpkins from our trick-or-treaters!

more dress-up!
time to go see our friends at playgroup!

look at all this cuteness!!!
audrey, the precious kitty cat; caleb as captain america; joshua as the hulk, and lucas & anthony as firemen!
so thankful audrey loves these boys so much--she gets a little outnumbered at our gatherings with all these boys (and the activity and noise that come along with them)!!!

anthony got to wear his costume to school the week before halloween.  i had lucas dress up as well for a special date with me at the pottery barn kids story time at the mall.

oooh!  i could love on these boys all day!  
it's too bad we have other things that have to be done!

fireman with a backpack on--
he's so excited to see his school friends!

here's the action at dropoff--you can see ms. lisa on the left--
she dressed up as the chick-fil-a cow!  creative!

one of anthony's best school friends, kai (dressed up as the ninja), sits next to him at the "yellow" table every school-day

we came back a little earlier in the afternoon to pick anthony up, because the class was having a halloween party!  lucas found a comfy spot to read.

kai's mom is the official party planner for the class, and she goes all out!  she did a pirate theme, complete with adorable table settings and treats!
oh, and you can see his other teacher, ms. jenna walking in the background!  she was the most adorable mad scientist i've ever seen!  scrubs and frizzed out hair--genious!

anthony decorated a pirate pumpkin, ate a chocolate cupcake, and stole some gold treasure, all while wearing his pirate's bandana!

the pirate action continues at home, and now lucas joins in!


on halloween night, we ran over to ghengis grill for a quick bite to eat.
the kids love the mac and cheese here!

silly face!
and they love trying their hand at the chopsticks!

back at home, some of their best friends needed to dress up too!
mickey wears a superhero mask, and tigger is -- wait for it -- a pirate!!!

these cute firemen could hardly wait for it to get dark!
love their treat bags from the store i shouldn't be allowed to shop at anymore--pb kids!
(at least it was the outlet this time!  thanks, mom!)

dark pic, but these two did a great job at saying "trick or treat" and "thank you"
it's a little tricky remembering all the right words!

ahhhhh yes!  the spoils of their endeavor!  

Hope all the rest of you had a spooking good time!!!