Friday, August 12, 2011

Nonna Visits!

Get ready for picture overload again!!! Nonna came to visit in mid-May and stayed for for two weeks! We squeezed a lot of fun in a short time period. Both Nonna and her camera take great pictures...thank you, Nonna, for sending me all the pics you took! We so enjoyed having you here...you are welcome back antime! We love you!!!

Lucas loves playing in the kitchen

Anthony organizes the snakes that Nonna brought him

Lucas shows Nonna his snake too

Anthony works on his flying skills

he still loves his tricycle

Lucas loves hearing Anthony read to him

I love hearing their sweet giggles

Nonna loving on these boys

going for a ride in the wagon with Nonna leading the way

Anthony takes the lead, looking cool in his shades

boxes--their favorite new toy ;)

Nonna took Anthony to the park

he loves those slides!

Anthony loves his Nonna too--sweet picture

I baked some cookies for us all to enjoy

Lucas REALLY enjoyed them!

sweet Lucas in his swing

He still prefers a little help on the slide

look at this big boy...where did my baby go???

Lucas snags Anthony's tricycle while he's not looking

Lucas hanging out with Dada

Mario and I get a date night!!!

Anthony helps Daddy mow the yard--still one of his favorite things to do

Lucas watches from the window

On Saturday while I work, Mario and Nonna take the boys to the famer's market in downtown McKinney

a special treat--picking out honey sticks


I love how my sweet boy stops to smell flowers

Nonna and Anthony watching the musicians across the street

I join the crew, and we stop to say hello to the policemen on horseback

trying out the tractor in front of Local Yocal, an organic meat and dairy shop

look at that face--he's loving it!

cool dude Lucas, sporting the shades

look at me and hubs relaxing in the yard--when does that ever happen?!?

big boy lucas practicing his hit

artwork on the patio

anthony fills up his tank

celebrating Ma's birthday with a salmon dinner

Happy Birthday! So glad we got to spend it with you!

panna cotta dessert instead of birthday cake--make a wish!

the birthday girl with her flowers and presents

Nonna brought water pistols for the boys

they had a ball learning how to use them

if it involves water, messes, or noise, they are all about it!

sweet little faces

I am in LOVE!!!

Lucas "helped" me make Daddy's birthday cake

what can i say??? he's a good little helper

Mario's birthday was next...

Happy Birthday, Dada!!!

enjoy your chocolate peanut butter cake!

Lucas enjoyed it for sure

my handsome hubby opening his presents

We surprised Mario with tickets to the Rough Riders game

taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells of the ballpark

the Kims joined us out on the green

Duece the mascot always makes us laugh

I got to snuggle with sweet baby joshua

Nonna and Anthony root for the Riders

a baseball game isn't a game without a hotdog

Kristin's turn to chase after the kiddos

Anthony and Caleb had so much fun rolling around and laughing together

Lucas joins the big boys for some fun

these boys are 100% boy

sharing chips with Dada makes them even more tasty

"woo-hoo riders!"

"wow! dada is the best ever!"

getting a good look over the fence

in the wake of disaster...the popcorn disaster, that is!

beautiful fireworks show after the game

mommy's favorite--the gold ones

Lucas enjoys Nonna's mickey mouse pancakes

Anthony was thrilled as well

Mario treated his mom to lunch--so glad they squeezed a little mother/son time in!

our special friend that's been visiting our yard (until we repaired our fence, that is!)

We had some major storms come through right before Ma had to leave. Anthony was awake, and heard on the weather station that there were some tornados in the area. We didn't get any tornados near us, but for days afterwards, Anthony couldn't stop talking about the "tormatos"!!!

Thanks, Ma, for a really special visit...let's do it again soon!