Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happenings in June

Here are some pictures of what we're up to this summer...

If you look out the window REALLY closely, you can see what all the excitement is about...the garbage truck!!! It's one of the highlights of the day every Wednesday for these boys! :)

more bathtub mohawks

(or "hohawks" as Anthony calls them)

Anthony finds this fun and exciting--yes, that's underwear on his head!
At least it's clean--I think!

We went swimming in our friend Kayden's neighborhood pool

sweet friend Kayden

reading stories with Mama

it's too hot to go play outside these days unless we go early in the morning!

Anthony playing dress up in his fireman's helmet

we hosted our Community Group at our home at the end of June...

Audrey was the only friend that was able to make it (and her baby sister Elle--not pictured)

this was right before bedtime...

can't you tell they are SOOOO sleepy!!! ;)

what a great friend Audrey is, though

nothing but trouble--these two

(but I wouldn't change a thing!)

Lucas has discovered that he likes Oreos--very much!

Mario and I decided to have a date night "in" for our 6th anniversary, so the kids went out! haha! We got some local grass fed beef, and Mar grilled out our steaks--they were better than most restaurant steaks we've had! (i just got a picture of the food--forgot one of us!!!)

short video clip of Anthony dancing...he has 6 songs on this guitar, and he has a different dance to every single one! this one is our favorite! nice moves, sweet Anthony! we love you!