Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Yes, oh yes, I'm still WAY behind in my blog postings. Hopefully this weekend I will catch up by at least a month! It's kinda funny posting about July when it's already September!!!

Let me just start off by saying that last year for the 4th of July, Mario and I thought it would be fun to see if we could see some of the local city fireworks from the top of our roof. (I think it was Mario's crazy idea, actually). I was just a few weeks pregnant with Lucas, but I didn't have a baby bump yet, so we made sure Anthony was fast asleep, carefully clambored to the top of the roof, scraped up our hands a little on the shingles, and enjoyed quite a good show. We weren't even the only crazies on the rooftops--the firemen at the station behind us had the same idea--granted, they're firemen--they are used to being on rooftops, I'd imagine! :)

Fast forward to this year...It's amazing how over the course of a year you can romanticize things--forget all the bad parts like just how steep the climb up the roof is, how scary it is in the dark, the creepy-crawlies up there, and how the shingles scrape your skin off! We thought that THIS year it would be SO FUN to wake Anthony up after it got dark and let him climb up on the roof with us to see the fireworks show!!! I made popcorn and had some bottled waters ready thinking we'd just scamper up there with a child in tow and watch the fireworks show as if it were a movie. Mario propped the ladder up and said there was NO WAY Anthony was going to be able to climb up there. If we were going to have him up there, Mario would have to carry him up in the backpack! Well, at this point, Anthony was still sleeping, and Mario was pretty much leaning toward the idea of NOT waking him up. Well, I was just crushed! I wanted him to experience all the fun that we had had last year! My sweet husband obliged, and let me just tell you...HE WAS RIGHT! We will NOT be repeating this event next year!!! We'll take the kids to see a show or something--our roof climbing days are OVER!!! It was cumbersome, painful, and exhausting, and it was even worse for Mario who had Anthony strapped to his back and a light around his head so we could see. After my bag of popcorn went sliding down the roof and got stuck in the rain gutter, I knew I should've listened to my hubby. :) And we could barely even SEE the fireworks this year!!!

HOWEVER, I will point out that Anthony realized NONE of this turmoil, and he had the time of his life! He STILL talks about it--asking if he can "eat popcorn" and "see fireworks"--I think he forgot the roof part! I could not even see what I was shooting--it was so dark--so, that's why the pics aren't great...but at least we got some!

Mario and Anthony watching the fireworks

closeup of the "bed-head" hair--I love it!

big smile...PRICELESS
(can you tell Mario's jaw is tight? I'm not sure if he was just trying to keep from slipping off the roof, or if he was thinking that his wife should've listened to him!!!)

this will give you an idea of just how far away we were from the fireworks show...there was such a delay between the sight and the sound!!! soooooooooo not even worth it in terms of the show! And, yes, Anthony is talking about "trucks" and "a big airplane"--not sure if he really saw those things, but I promise he did enjoy the fireworks! :)