Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cow Appresheeation Day at ChickFilA

In early July we went out to ChickFilA to help celebrate "Cow Appresheeation Day". This year, if you dressed up like a cow, you got a free combo meal. We are one of those crazy families who will go all out if it means free food--especially if it's ChickFilA--our all time favorite and just about the only "fast food" place we will go. I painted black spots on old white t-shirts about an hour before we left to go eat...smart thinking, I know--they weren't fully dry yet when we had to put them on!!!

anthony loves his chicken

mario gets sweet giggles out of lucas

anthony didn't want to smile for the camera with mommy
(this was the best of three shots!)

wow! we get milkshakes?!?

since we didn't have to pay for the dinner we got a special treat!

open wide!

being silly

can you tell he enjoyed it?

so sleepy on the car ride home

our "cow" family photo

a silly movie of our crazy family enjoying our chicken