Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

December 17th was my 29th birthday. Anthony was not feeling well, and I was babysitting another friends' little girl who was also not feeling well. We ended up having a very smooth day, surprisingly enough. Mario brought home a birthday surprise for me after lunchtime--a piece of strawberry cheesecake from Del Frisco's--my new favorite cheesecake in all the world!!! Just looking at the picture right now makes me want another piece! And no, for all wondering, I did not eat it all in one sitting!!! I practiced self-control!!! Both kiddos happened to be napping right when Mario walked in the door, so it was perfect timing! I made myself some decaf coffee and ate my special treat!

We had a change of plans since Anthony was sick. I'm not sure what we were originally going to do since it was a surprise, but we ended up grabbing Starbucks and going out to see some Christmas lights...another one of my favorites!

Me and my presents
(Mario's parents shipped a few gifts down, so I could open them on my birthday. My parents waited with gifts in Memphis in the hopes we could make it there over Christmas and celebrate in person. It's always fun celebrating with my twin sister, Mandy).

Soooooooooo excited about the new "professional" hairdryer Mario got me...
You should see the old one....Haha! It had gotten pretty rough!

A new black sweater from Ma...and the best part is--It fits my belly now too!
(Although I think it will be even cuter once it can lay flat over my stomach!)

Here's a little movie of Anthony's expression seeing the Christmas lights. We knew he would like them this year, but what we didn't realize is just HOW MUCH he'd love them. So, I didn't have my camera ready when we first drove into this neighborhood. The first thing he saw was just rows of trees decked out in white lights. He got sooooooo excited and just kept saying "WOW!" Of course, by the time I got my camera ready, much of the excitement had died down, but he still thoroughly enjoyed it!!! This one is much darker on the blog than on my computer for some reason!!! Sorry!