Sunday, January 3, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

This is the first year we decorated for Christmas in our home! Last year we closed on the house on December 2, so when Christmas rolled around, we were still partially in boxes!!! It's so much fun to pull out the decorations...especially when you haven't seen them in two years! We got a real Christmas tree for the first time, so that smell brought back so many memories of our years growing up. Our newest addition are the stockings hanging from the mantel--yes, another first! We've been married over 4 years, and we've never put up stockings! It's my stubbornness, really. I didn't want to spend money on stockings that I didn't really like, plus, I wanted to buy enough for our growing family--potentially even more kiddos in the years to come. So, I waited until I could buy some that I loved (Pottery Barn--dirt cheap xmas stockings in the summertime!), and our dear friend Nylsa monogrammed all our names on them--we even have one for Lucas! We have two more that aren't pictured for the potential little ones in our future that God sees fit to bless us with!

Here's Anthony checking out the ornaments on the tree...(sorry it's so dark!)
We went to get the tree one morning, and then came back home and put Anthony down for his nap. Amazingly enough, when he woke up, the tree had lights and decorations on it!!! HOW did THAT happen??? The movie below is Anthony's first sight of the tree in our house. Sorry the first part is kinda shaky...I wasn't really standing in the right place to capture his initial expression as he ran in the room! Enjoy!!!