Saturday, November 1, 2008

Little Daydreamer

Kinda makes you wonder what he's thinking, huh?


Rachel said...

Hey Melanie-thanks for the comment..but pro-mommy I am NOT! :) hee hee! You are too sweet! I LOVE the new pictures of Anthony-he is growing up so fast-do you feel like that? I totally feel like that with Addelyn-she will be 5 months next week-so sad to me! Hope y'all are doing great in Texas...and hopefully fall has arrived! Have a wonderful weekend! ps-how cute is mandy's little bitty belly? :)

Susan said...

Mel and Mar,
Just when I think that you have taken the cutest picture of him I have ever seen....there's another one that is even more precious! My screen saver keeps changing with his updated pictures!
Love this one of him looking out the window!