Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Foods

Well, we're starting solids around here...I don't think we've got the hang of it quite yet!!! We've been attempting it for about the past couple of weeks. Anthony has tried rice cereal, bananas, avacado, and carrots. I know I just have to have time and patience to figure all this out...for him it's a new taste, new texture, new place to sit, new experience...but as of yet, we haven't accomplished more than a couple of bites (and those were my feeble attempts at distracting him and shoving it in!)

something's gone awry!!! when i told him he needed to eat, i forgot to explain that it's actually what goes "on" the tray that he chews and swallows!!!

i made the rice cereal as thin as i could with a lot of my milk so hopefully it wouldn't taste that different from his usual meals...evidently it did! (classic face!)

we'll continue forging ahead into this unchartered territory. let me know if you have any tips!