Tuesday, September 2, 2008

CVS Deals

Okay, so, I know this blog is mostly about Anthony, but I couldn't resist sharing with you the great deals I'm getting at CVS by implementing the couponing techniques from moneysavingmom.com! I have a link to her blog on the right. I've been doing this for a little over a month now. Here's what I got at CVS today...

One Accu-Chek monitor
One Dawn dish soap
Two Colgate toothpastes
Two rolls of paper towels
Two bags of Sour Patch Kids
Two Cover Girl lip glosses
Five BC/Goody's pain relievers

Total spent out of pocket...(are you sitting down?)...$2.90!!!
It would've been even cheaper, but I messed up on one of the coupons!!! So I don't exactly need an Accu-Chek monitor, but why not if it's free? It originally retailed at $78, so it's a good one! Let me know if anyone needs it!
So, this is becoming a sort of fun game for me (plus a way to save our hard-earned cash and be a frugal wife/mother). I'll keep you posted with more deals in the weeks to come!


Mar Mel and Anthony said...

sorry! for those of you who don't know, an accu-chek monitor is a way to check your blood sugar levels by way of a finger stick...it gives immediate results.

Rachel said...

ok-so i need details-that is amazing! i love all of your new posts! so much fun to keep up with y'all!!!