Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bad weather!

Well, we survived the storm! We had no idea it was coming!!! At 4am, Mario and I sat straight up in bed and just looked at each other in the dark before bolting into Anthony's room. It sounded like a train was coming through our courtyard! We could feel the building shaking. Mario scooped up Anthony and we all ran to the closet and sat there for awhile until everything passed by. The wind speeds were ~75 mph, and 5 tornadoes touched down in the area. The eye of the storm passed right on top of us!!! There were several areas of damage in Plano, but our apartment complex and the one next to us sustained the brunt of it. Ours held up much better than the other one...they lost some of their roofs! Many trees were uprooted or split in half; debris was blown everywhere; metal sign posts were bent in half! Mar said it looked like King Kong had walked through!!! We took some pictures of the damage, but I'm not sure how to transfer them from the camera, so I'll upload them later so you all can see!!! If anyone can talk me through it, I'll put the pics on before Mar comes home. I took him to the airport today for his London trip. He'll be gone until Tuesday night, so say a prayer for all of us!!!


Mandy said...

Oh my goodness Mel! I am sooo glad that you guys are safe! Send the pics soon!

Clayton said...

wow, that must have been a crazy night! I can't imagine going through that with Evelyne without freaking out. I'm so thankful God protected your family.