Tuesday, April 22, 2008

7 Weeks and Warm Weather

Anthony is seven weeks old today! I can't believe it!!! It really just seems like a couple of weeks ago I was in the hospital, and we had everyone here! We did Anthony's hand prints and foot prints last night, and I can't believe how much he's grown...his footprint is alot bigger now than the one they did in the hospital.
The weather has been beautiful here lately...warm, sunny, in the low 80s. Somehow when you're outside in the sun, it feels alot hotter than that. Maybe I'm just not ready for our 100 degree summers. ;)
We can't wait to see everyone...We all leave for Chicago on May 15, and Anthony and I will travel to Memphis on May 23 when Mario leaves for Europe! I'm looking forward to seeing how Anthony will do on the airplane, since I have the feeling he will be a world traveler like his daddy!


billb said...

Can't wait until you both are here. We will miss having Mario with us, too. But, to have a chance to spend time with you and Anthony will be wonderful.

Of course you know I am having to brave going into the attic to get the crib for Anthony. After 20 years, there is a "lot of stuff" that conceals it. But, I am more than willing to take on this "adventure" for him. One day I will have to tell him of this "great sacrifice and danger" I endured just for him. I guess it is as close to some type of "pioneer or war story" that I can come up with.