Wednesday, July 9, 2014

January Adventures

Some of our January fun...

the boys watch their daddy chop firewood

bike buddies

so, we went to tour a preschool for the fall for lucas, and he threw up all over himself, me, and one of the classrooms!!!  NOT fun, but we survived!  this was on the way home--as you can tell he was feeling a little better--with his "just in case" bucket on his head!

Anthony got to bring home "Casey the Caterpillar" from Mrs. Cleveland's class over one weekend.  His job was to bring Casey along to join in his adventures for a few days, then we had to document all the fun.

Anthony shows Casey his K-Club room at church

Here's a look at our time together...

still counting down our days until the Disney trip!!!

my handsome little lunch date

shopping with mama has its perks

fun with school buddies at celebration park

these two still love their animal friends and their trucks

hiking with daddy is one thing these two can't get enough of

all spiffy on a sunday morning

spending time with our best girls

silly kids!!!