Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Christmas in Chicago--Day 4

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!
Yes, I realize it's March now, but better late than never, right?!?

We had a super-relaxed, fun Christmas day in Chicago....
Happy Birthday, Jesus!
Here's how we celebrated...

homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast...yum!

Ben had been fighting a viral infection, but he was still smiling...
no fun being sick over Christmas break!

love these boys--
always so happy in the morning

hmmmm, how'd our stockings get so full?

love these sweet Christmas morning smiles...
they each found the stocking with their initial--so fun!

gummi band-aids?!?
anthony got a kick out of that one!  :)

i love sitting around the tree in our pjs with a warm fire going...
it's fun just being all together

the boys enjoyed helping to pass around all the gifts

big helper anthony

i'm so glad i'm a part of a family where no one is phased by me climbing over the furniture to grab our presents!!!  ;)

big helper lucas

the boys opened these matchbox airplanes...

...and then proceeded to make "runways" from wrapped gifts for their planes to taxi on

such a fun way to pass the time when it wasn't their turn to open a gift!

lucas was thrilled to receive a new mobigo game from uncle benny!
team umizoomi has become one of his favorites!!!

anthony is a boy after my own heart--
he agrees with me that the best place in the house is in front of the fire

Ma shows off a pretty package while wearing her new scarf from Benny

Anthony specifically requested to sit next to miss rachel

the kids loved their new binoculars from mommy and daddy

guess we'll have to work on how to properly use them--hehe!

wait a minute---
is that a snow flurry we see???

Benny and Dad enjoying some of their gifts

sweet little gift bag that anthony decorated at school--
he gave a gift to Nonna in it!

These two were all ears when they unwrapped this recordable story book from Nonno and Nonna depicting the story of Jesus' birth.  It was so special to hear it in Nonno and Nonna's own voices!

Mar loves his new air rifle from Benny

Nonno sneaks in some snuggle time with Anthony

after the gifts have all been opened, dad treats us to his famous sicilian egg sandwiches--
wow--these are delish!

time for the big boys to go out and play while the little boys are taking their naps ;)

and i got in the kitchen again to dip my peanut butter bon bons into all their chocolate yumminess

we decided to chill and watch a movie--the incredibles!

Ben and Rachel are the chefs of the evening

Nonna gets the opportunity to have some playtime with the boys...
they loved these styrofoam play dots...
kinda like play-doh, but different
(guess you have to see it to understand!  haha!)

and after the little ones go down, we enjoy our gourmet meal--
scallops, grilled shrimp, beef rib roast, and some yummy mashed potatoes!
what a treat!

Well, Christmas may be winding down, but our week isn't over yet!!!  More to come...