Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ma's May Visit to Texas--Part Two

Here's the second half of Ma's visit!  The time just flew by!  What a blessing it was that she was able to be here for two whole weeks--specifically during the time God would allow us to find our new-to-us van!!!  There's no way we could've done it without you, Ma!!!

May 23

Not a ton of pictures of this day...I think it was mostly spent waiting for some final details of the van to be finished up (the dealership had to do some minor repairs and clean the inside and outside for us) as well as preparing our home and some yummy food for our dinner guests!

Nonna took the boys for a bike/wagon ride to the park, so I could get some house cleaning done
(love this pic of the boys looking at a flag in our neighborhood)

Daddy keeps the boys occupied while Nonna helps me finish up in the kitchen
Lucas is obsessed with playing games on Daddy's ipad

the sweet Falls family came over for a brisket dinner buffet
(we miss you guys!)
Mitch was able to help Mario set up some financial groundwork for his new business

Charis and Jackson play with the boys in the backyard
(apparently, jackson said something hilarious at the kids' table over dinner, because my boys are STILL laughing at whatever he said--2 months later!  ha!)

I think later this evening after our guests left was the night we finally got to bring our new van home!!!  Yay!  No pics since it was dark outside!

May 24

our van is finally at it's new home!

awwww, don't our toyotas look cozy together in our garage?!?

the boys see it for the first time

they thought it was pretty cool--
especially once we got in and got going!
Anthony kept commenting on how he could see the tires of all the other cars!  I think he enjoys sitting higher up.

a quick picture with Nonna before we head to Amato's to celebrate

we are ready for our yummy pizza! 
 these days, the boys' favorite is pepperoni

after dinner we were stuffed...
so we drove over to adriatica to let the boys run around and burn off some energy

their favorite is the statue of the dove holding the olive branch

the little chapel on the property is so pretty

 we took a little walk around the lake

the boys ran and ran and RAN with their daddy
they are definitely like little energizer bunnies!!!

this kid doesn't even look winded after all that running!

but it definitely was very windy up on the hill

between the kids not looking and my hair blowing all over the place, this was the best family pic we could get!

one more walk before we head home

bye adriatica...see you another day!

happy boys with full tummies all tired out in their new van!  :)

May 25

Ma wanted Mario and I to have an entire day to ourselves while she kept the boys!  That was the original plan before she ended up keeping them 3 days straight while we bought the van!!!  She still was kind enough to take them for the day, so Mario and I set out on an adventure--just the two of us!!!

they had lots of fun while we were gone...
they played with nonna's automatic timer on her camera

they did some bubbles outside

they had a water fight with the water squirters nonna brought

they washed their trucks

time for a refill!

mario and i had an early lunch at whataburger's drive-through before heading to...


we didn't take too many pictures because we were too busy having fun!!!

and, yes, the rollercoasters are still our favorites!!!
did i mention we had sooooooooooo much fun!?!

May 26

Saturday morning came around, and I had to work, so Nonna, Daddy, and the boys decided to have some fun without me!

sweet smiles--
they love their nonna

they decided to go to downtown mckinney to the farmer's market...
WHAT?!?  WAIT A MINUTE!!!  why is downtown mckinney so crowded???

mckinney's own hollie cavanagh, the american idol runner up #4 is singing today!
yes, we are american idol fans--don't laugh!

after watching hollie, they finally made it to the famer's market

and, of course, the boys HAD to pick out some honey sticks--their favorite!!!

deciding which flavor is the tricky part!!!

taking a little rest

they came back home to squeeze in a little yard work

these boys love their daddy...
they will often say, "i want to do it like daddy doos"  haha!

at the end of the day, they show off their new pjs from nonna
big grins!!!

May 27

after church and brunch we went to see the maylee thomas band concert at adriatica

group shot!  we brought our chairs and blankets!

this daddy loves his boys...

...and oh how these boys love him

one last look at the band before we wrap up our day

here's the crowd out at adriatica...
everyone here was supporting smiles charity who helps build mortgage free homes for america's military heroes.

May 28

Memorial Day!

we headed off to the sand park in allen to celebrate with some fun for the boys

then they had a blast whizzing around the splash pad with their dump trucks

soaking wet and all tuckered out, but of course they aren't ready to leave!!!

we had our own little cookout for the holiday--look at our red, white, and blue!

ending the day with some reading time with daddy

oh, and some wrestle time with daddy too!
can't end the day without that!!!
oh, to be a kid again!!!

May 29

It was Nonna's last morning with us, so we had to have some fun!

off to Lowe's to see the forklifts!

then one last lunch at chickfila

we'd been promising them playground time all week!

mario was in the neighborhood, so he was able to meet us there for a quick bite

a final pic that is such a cute tradition--
every time Nonna comes, she takes a snapshot of these boys in this tree
it will be so fun to look back and see how big they've grown

bye, nonna!
we miss you already!!!
come back soon!!!
we love you!!!


rachel said...

LOVED the pictures--what a super fun visit!!! i wanna come visit y'all!!! looks like a blast! :)

Mandy said...

I'm so jealous you and Mario went to six flags all by yourselves! What great fun!