Sunday, May 20, 2012

Continuing the Celebration!

On Anthony's actual birthday, we celebrated with some birthday doughnuts to start of the day special.

I think he enjoyed them, and I'm loving the sweet bed-head hair!  :)

"How old are you today?"

Lucas was so sweet with baby Reese.
I found him in here talking with her shortly after he woke up.

We took all the kiddos swimming in Meme and Papa's hotel pool.
Lucas and James had fun playing on the side of the pool with all the toys.

my sister Mandy and her sweet baby Reese

This little boy loves the water!

showing off the muscles  ;)

James was busy, busy--as usual!!!

me and my sweet knucklehead

Anthony wanted to swim with his Papa the whole time!
He loved it!

Papa gives Anthony his first drum lesson!

can i keep this sweet girl???
love how happy she is!

the three big boys play on their electronic toys

We took the boys to fly kites at the park
Lucas is doing some stunt flying  ;)

They enjoyed it more than I thought they would.

Anthony does it all by himself

sweet boy

i think Lucas forgot he was holding the string a few times!  haha!

the boys loved this big slide!

big smiles all around


Anthony's turn!
Of course, Lucas is right behind him, copying his every move!


anthony also spent quite a bit of time making "cupcakes".
i think he still had birthday parties on the brain!

not sure where they were going, but they sure had fun getting there!!!

here, anthony was telling me he was flying an airplane

Meme is such a great swing-pusher!!!

We had so much fun playing at the park!
We even brought our cooler and grilled out some hotdogs!  Anthony got to open the rest of his presents too!!!  He loved it!
all tuckered out!
we love it when our family is in town!!!

i had to include one last video--for your listening pleasure!  ;)
one of anthony's first attempts on his new drum!!!
he was a little shy with all the attention.