Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our Little Drummer Boy

Here's what Anthony is really into lately--drumming! (Oh, don't worry--he still loves his trucks most of all). I love his creativity in this first video clip...He's never even seen a real drum set here, yet somehow makes a very realistic setup. Too cute how he changes keys in the middle, and my favorite part is the way he ends it!

So, in light of his new found passion, we decided to make a trip to Guitar Center to let Anthony play on the child size drum sets they have there. Well, as you can imagine, he loved it and didn't want to leave. We have some ex-drummers on both sides of the family, so we'll see if this lasts. Notice the end of his segment is similar to the one in the movie above. Love it.


Mandy said...

LOVE watching Anthony play the drums! I think he is very talented for a 3 year old! (ps...love that terrific painting in the background of the first clip!) hehe.