Monday, July 4, 2011

The Boys Visit Memphis

While Mario and I were in Oregon, the boys went on adventurous trip to "The Big H"...(that's what they call my parents' house in Memphis). Meme and Papa drove all the way down to McKinney, picked them up, and drove them back to Memphis. They were excellent travelers according to my parents, and were just good natured with good attitudes the majority of the time. They had a ball! I'm sure my parents were tired, but you could tell these boys loved every minute of it! Thanks, Mom and Dad--we had an amazing trip, and it was made possible because of your love for these kiddos!

all buckled in and ready for the road trip

the look on my dad's face says it all...."what have we gotten ourselves into???"

running out some energy before getting back in the car

breakfast of champions--cheerios and milk

one of anthony's favorite pastimes--riding Papa's "tractor" (aka riding lawnmower)

hanging out with cousin James was a real treat

playing hard--hot and sweaty

visiting at Aunt Mandy's house and playing with Kramer

they loved playing with "new" toys at James' house

lunch break!

scoping out the garbage truck! pretty cool!

lucas always looks up to his big brother anthony

just dancing and goofing off

the kiddos got to visit the Memphis Zoo

Aunt Michelle joined Meme and Papa in taking all three boys out for a fun day

Meme and Papa show the boys the penguins

"Look, Papa!"

Aunt Michelle and James want to see too

watching the giraffes (Lucas' favorite!)

this is the good life--being strolled around, water and snacks provided at your every whim

having fun during a break for lunch

"come on, james, hold my hand"

cutie pie lucas

majestic tiger

all tuckered out after a fun day (and a fun week!)

Thanks, Meme and Papa, for loving these boys like your own! You're the best!