Sunday, June 28, 2009

MeMe Comes to Visit

MeMe came to visit during the roughest point of my morning sickness. I was having trouble fixing food for Anthony, grocery shopping, cooking dinner--basically anything to do with food. I was so tired that I needed naps but often couldn't take the break as I was chasing after a 15 month old! MeMe came and saved the day! She cooked, cleaned, played with Anthony, made sure I ate when I needed to, and so much more--it was amazing and so helpful!

This one's blurry but so cute!

We blew up the pool that MeMe and PaPa got for Anthony's birthday...Here's a video clip from his first time playing in it!

Thanks, MeMe, for all of your help!!! You blessed us more than you'll ever know!


Lindsey said...

Congrats on the pregnancy! I hope your morning sickness goes away-preggy pops are pretty good, although I had to get medicine my first trimester-Zofran! Hope you all are well! We should get together soon!

Lindsey :)

Mary Beth said...

Hi Melanie!! I just found your blog tonight (I am so blog stalking while I am at work!) BUT I am so excited to find you!! I hope you are doing well. Your little boy is adorable and congrats on baby #2!!