Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Love Bread--Yum!!!

I went to Panera Bread today to catch up with some of my favorite gals from Dr. Goebel's office! I gave Anthony his first piece of bread to try since he was eyeing Staci's bagel. He went to town on the bread! I'm going to have to start that kid on some solid food!!! He was like a bread maniac, pulling Carly's arm closer toward his face so he could get more in his mouth!!! It was a soggy mess at the end, but he loved it! He even started fussing when Jenn accidently dropped the bread on the floor--Haha! Here's a play by play of the bread tasting...


I can't quite get it in far enough.

There! Thanks, Ms. Carly! That's much better! Mangi, mangi!

Thanks for a great lunch date, girls! We should've gotten a pic of the four of us together!!! We were too enthralled with Anthony's bread-munching...Maybe next time!


billb said...

Amo il pane! L'alimento è il mio amico! Che cosa è seguente?

Love, PaPa