Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th of July Buddies

We had alot of fun on the fourth! Our community group had a get together at the Kims' house, and boy was it huge!!! Tons of people were there. Many in our group invited extra people, so we were busting at the seams! We grilled out, and there were water games for the bigger kids in the backyard. Mario and I even stunted as the day wound down (just to see if we still could do it)...too bad we didn't get a picture of that--we did really good! Actually, Mario and I didn't get any pics of us together! :(

Here is Anthony with his buddy Brody (Jenn's little boy). Anthony is only 10 days older than Brody, and yes, that's drool all over his shirt! Both kiddos were showing their patriotic sides in red, white, and blue!

In this picture, we have Evan (Carly's little boy) "holding" Anthony and Brody. Evan is 2. Carly is one of the nurses I work with at the doctor's office. Doesn't everyone look cozy and comfy!!! Haha!

Here's a cute pic of me and Jenn. Jenn also works at the office...she's a medical assistant, but one day she may go back to school for her nursing license.