Saturday, July 6, 2013

Family Adventure--Dinosaur World!!!

At the beginning of May, we took our very first family adventure to Glen Rose, TX.  There are so many things to do jam packed in this little area, but we chose to keep it simple and do one thing--just take our time and enjoy it.  Then we'll come back another time and do the rest.  After all, it's only and hour and a half away.  The one thing we chose to do???  


gas station stop for a bathroom break

they look so studious in these glasses!!!

on the road--
lucas always has a stuffed friend joining our adventures...
this time, it's "baby sheep"

We got to the area and walked around a bit

the boys thought this star shaped fountain was pretty cool...
but of course, posing with their daddy is even cooler!

brotherly love

we saw our first original dinosaur footprint excavated from the Paluxy River

We stumbled on a little local restaurant that boasted they had the best country fried steak in town.  It's what they are known for.  It's what everyone else had ordered, we noticed--locals and tourists alike, as we were escorted to our seats.  It even happened to be "country fried steak night" the night we were there.  So, we ordered it--I mean, it has to be great, right?  Um, it was sub-par--WAY sub-par.  :(  I guess they can't all be winners.  Moving on...

We found this awesome little playground

The kids had a blast playing here

sweet Anthony did a lot of climbing practice

Lucas ran right to the swings

...joined quickly by Anthony when he saw that Daddy was pushing!

sweet Lucas mastered all of the slides


Anthony being brave

climbing through the rings
(coincidence that they resemble dinosaur vertebrae?)

two cuties--so joyful

of course, we can't have a trip to the park without rolling around in the rocks and sand!  ;)

this one went a little faster than Lucas imagined--
he flew right off and plopped on his bottom!
a few quick tears and a hug from mama, and he's ready for more adventure!

this little funnel was genius!
put handfuls of rocks in and watch them slide down and fall out the bottom of the funnel!
hours of entertainment for boys!
(if only it was a little closer to the ground--little Lucas had to pull up to see, and even Anthony had to reach to throw his rocks in--major design flaw for a kids' park!)

both boys tackle the giant bungee cords

my three men
(we bought a piece of homemade pie at another little shop--hopefully that one is better than the dinner!)

we thought this old door would make a great background for a photo shoot

love it!

even mama got some lovin'
(anthony doing his big kid pose and lucas doing his dino growl!)

snow cone treat for the boys

yummy syrupy smiles

the next morning we ate breakfast at our hotel before heading out to dino world.
the boys love cereal at the hotel because it's the kind mommy doesn't usually buy at home!
they each had a cup of fruit loops to go...

silly faces!!!

At last!  We made it to the entrance of Dinosaur World.  When the boys saw the t-rex peaking over the top of the building they got super excited!

Right inside the park there is a little playground.  The boys played here while we waited for the fossil dig to start.

Anthony the Conquerer ready to fight some dinosaurs!!!

Lucas the Bold prepared to defend himself against all attacks!!!
(hope those wood chips get the job done!  ;)

When it was our turn we entered the fossil dig area.  This was elevated rows of sand boxes where some authentic (albeit small) fossils had been planted by the staff.  Each child was handed a sifter and a small bowl upon entering.  They dug up scoops of sand, sifted through it and found treasures to go in their bowls.  

They were able to pick three of their favorite fossils and put the rest back.  Then they were given a small baggie for safe-keeping of their treasures.  They were so proud of their discoveries!  They wanted to keep them in their pockets all day!

We began the self-guided walking tour of the 150 life-size dinosaurs.  They boys loved it and kept wanting us to read all about them, then they'd run up ahead to the next one!

Oh, here's a friendly group of meat-eaters!
Let's get a picture!

What?!?  Meat-eaters???  AHHHHHHHH!  Run for your lives!!!
(Later after this picture, Anthony shrugged and said, "Well, I guess Lucas would've gotten eaten up!"  Haha!)

I always have to get a shot of anything that reminds me of my maiden name, Bellican

Dad, here's what some of our ancestors may have looked like!  Haha!  Just kidding!
(Although I really do think I might see Bethel's nose!)

checking out all the spikes

The brachiosaurus was so tall--
This was Lucas' favorite

We stopped to feed the fish at the koi pond

kinda murky, but TONS of fish!

They loved it!

They could've stayed right here for hours!

Finally we made it to the Boneyard, where they could pretend to be paleontologists and find some dinosaur bones.

They had tons of paintbrushes to dust off the sand--so cute!

Two little diggers hard at work

very serious about his job

we had walked right past this picture opportunity earlier!
we said, "give us your best scared face!"

they can't do it without laughing!  haha!

All in all, they LOVED this adventure!  We strolled through the museum which was a little over their heads, but it did house a giant skeleton which they thought was amazing.  We even used their picnic tables for a lunch that we picked up.  It's so fun that these little guys are getting to an age where we can just take off for the weekend without much effort and get out and make some special memories together.