Friday, October 28, 2011

Meme and Papa Visit!

Toward the end of September, Meme and Papa came to Texas to visit us!!! Papa was only able to stay for a long weekend, but Meme remained another week after that! We had so much fun, and the boys just adore their time with them! Here's a snapshot of some of the fun things we did...

we spent some time at the park near our house--Lucas loves the swings

I love Anthony's sweet smile

playing "drums" by banging sticks on the railing of the pavillion

and on the table :)

yes--as I was discussing with a sweet friend just today--it IS asking too much to get the boys to look at the camera when taking a picture! But they sure do love their grandparents!

me and my sweet dad


Meme and Papa brought a special surprise from Memphis--garbage trucks!!! Wow! Who knew garbage trucks could be so much fun??? Here we are six weeks later, and they still get played with every single day! Of course, every Wednesday, the highlight of the day around here is watching the recycling and garbage trucks collect our waste! Anthony begs me every week to go sit behind our garage outside so we can watch them up close!

Lucas loves books lately!

I love that I had reinforcements to do some extra reading with him!

We ventured out to downtown McKinney...

We decided to take a little horse-drawn wagon ride!

the boys thought it was pretty cool

Lucas sat in the barber shop and watched Papa get a haricut

we stopped for pizza before heading home

Lucas wearing Papa's hat and playing on his leapfrog phone

oh! here we are with the new garbage trucks again! Lucas definitely keeps up with Anthony--they push these babies all over the house--FAST!

picking up acorn "trash"

Meme brought a special treat--Bugles! I didn't even know they made those still! Why is it that you don't have to teach a kid to put bugles on their fingers?!? They somehow know it's what you're supposed to do! ;)

monkey see, monkey do!

Lucas has to try it too!

Anthony and Lucas gave us a musical concert--they play these instruments every day too!

jamming out

we went to the Plano balloon festival one day

They loved these dogs that were waiting for adoption.

Anthony got to sit in a real police car! The policeman even let him hold the handcuffs!

picking lollipops off the lollipop tree at one of the booths

Lucas loved his beads

they had so much fun in the bounce houses

they didn't want to get out!

silly Anthony!

Lucas doing some reading again

Lucas' favorite book right now is "Roly Poly Pangolin" by Anna Dewdney

Anthony loves propping them up and flipping through them

the more books the better, i say...

but i'm starting to run out of space!!!

My mom scoped out Founder's Plaza--a lookout point near DFW airport where you can watch the planes come and go. We grabbed some ChickFilA and had a picnic while we watched.

I think Lucas was having fun

both boys loved it! we watched plane after plane after plane

It was fun to see them get so excited over something so simple (and free!)

American Airlines--our airline of choice!

Anthony especially liked the UPS delivery airplanes

we tried to take a picture, but someone was uncooperative :)
(hint--it wasn't the one on the right!)

Thanks, Meme and Papa, for making the trip down here. Can you come back soon??? We miss you! We love having you on our "turf"!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

September At Our House

Maybe you have noticed--maybe not...For the past few months I've been trying to capture some of the "ordinary" that goes on in our home. It might not look like anything special when I post the pictures, but these are the day-in and day-out moments I don't ever want to forget. Being silly, laughing, horsing around in the backyard, enjoying special treats...yeah, these are the little things that make my life with these kids and my husband truly happy every single day. I know I've got a long way to go, but I want to relax and take pleasure in the simple things in life...

enjoying some "daddy time"

friends caleb and joshua came over for the afternoon--we went to get a snow cone treat
anthony and caleb rode the wagon

joshua didn't have any treats, but he still enjoyed the ride in the stroller
wait a minute--is that a bit of a smile i see? from a kim kid???
(what you don't see is the picture i snapped before this one was super serious!)

lucas loved it! he rode mario's back in his backpack. i know it's a little ghetto, but we had to take lucas and caleb's shirts off because we were afraid the spilled snow cone might stain!

anthony's dark blue shirt didn't matter

LOVE those grins--they are definitely having a ball!

some batting practice in the backyard

he really puts some muscle into that swing

love how happy he looks

baseball season is daddy's favorite time of the year!

tickle time!

watching big brother

Lucas loves playing ball

close up

can't get enough of this sweet baby

anthony is the king of the fort

love the dirty face--he's been playing hard

handsome boy

you can tell by his face that he really enjoys life to the fullest

close up

my babies--getting too big too fast

horseplay with daddy

it sure is non-stop energy around here--but that's the way we like it!

on a trip to the mckinney farmer's market, we stopped to listen to the live music. one of the musicians let anthony hold his bass guitar.

(this was after the man saw anthony start to cry when we told him it was time to go home)

anthony and lucas play doctor

epidural, maybe?

might i add, Lucas is an EXCELLENT patient!

i know before too long i'll miss the days of little handprints on our grill and scribbles on our brick walls

one of the highlights of the month was when the city of mckinney decided to repair the sidewalk almost right in front of our house! wow! we spent several afternoons outside watching the men work instead of taking naps!

anthony was so excited to see both a backhoe loader and a cement mixer right on our very street! he loved watching the trucks and how they work!

more horsey riding on dada...we'll miss this too before too long!

LOVE that mario plays with them so much!
these boys sure do love their daddy