Thursday, July 10, 2008

Anthony Goes Swimming

Here's Anthony's first time in a swimming pool!!! He wouldn't look at the camera!!! He was too preoccupied with all the new sights, feelings and sounds. We went over to the Brower's home....Sarah B. is kindly sharing her swimming pool every Tuesday in the late morning, so we'll probably be visiting quite often! You can't really tell, but Anthony's little swim trunks have sharks and manta rays on them--so cute!!! What a big boy he is now!!! I tried to get a picture of him floating on a lily pad raft, but my camera died...I'll try again next week!!!


billb said...

To Mel from Mom,
You won't believe this!
I went shopping this morning and bought Anthony the cutest little beach towel...
I just read your blog tonight about his swim trunks having sharks on them. The towel I bought him is a blue shark towel (the hood is the shark's head)! Amazing!
I will mail it to you soon with some pictures of your time here in Memphis.